What is new?

  • A Web Interface

  • A new better Workflow

  • More Lucid Code

  • More Lucid Structure

  • Easier to configure

  • More configurations

  • Easier to extend, test cases and Metrics

  • Different result sotrage solutions

  • New workflow

    Iguana 2.0 will use three independent modules, namely the core, the webcontroller and the result processor.


    The core is the module which executes the benchmark and tests each query. It should be started on the evaluation server

    Web Controller

    The web controller can be started locally on your laptop. It provides a web interface in which you can easily define your configurations view experiment results in beautiful charts and even view live results.

    Result Processing

    The result processor module will get all the results from the core. Each query execution time will be send to it. It defines all the metrics it should save. Further on each Storage will be defined here. You can choose from storage into a triple store or to a file storage.


    This new workflow challenges the problems that the current Iguana uses way to much RAM on the evaluation server. As the Result Processing is now independent from the core it can be executed on a different Server, locally,... Further on it provides a way better possiblity to extend Iguana with new Metrics and to save each query execution time for complete analysation.


    If you need help getting started with Iguana visit HERE