Class SPARQLQueryStatistics

  • public class SPARQLQueryStatistics
    extends java.lang.Object
    Simple SPARQL Query statistics
    • Field Detail

      • aggr

        public int aggr
      • filter

        public int filter
      • optional

        public int optional
      • union

        public int union
      • having

        public int having
      • groupBy

        public int groupBy
      • offset

        public int offset
      • size

        public double size
      • orderBy

        public int orderBy
      • triples

        public int triples
    • Constructor Detail

      • SPARQLQueryStatistics

        public SPARQLQueryStatistics()
    • Method Detail

      • getStatistics

        public void getStatistics​(org.apache.jena.query.Query q)
        Will add the stats of the provided query to this statistics count.
        q -