Class HttpGetWorker

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Runnable, Worker
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    HttpPostWorker, SPARQLWorker

    public class HttpGetWorker
    extends HttpWorker
    HTTP Get Worker. Uses HTTP Get to execute a Query.

    if the parameter type was not set it will use 'query' as the parameter as default, otherwise it will use the provided parameter
    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpGetWorker

        public HttpGetWorker​(java.lang.String taskID,
                             Connection connection,
                             java.lang.String queriesFile,
                             java.lang.String responseType,
                             java.lang.String parameterName,
                             java.lang.String language,
                             java.lang.Integer timeOut,
                             java.lang.Integer timeLimit,
                             java.lang.Integer fixedLatency,
                             java.lang.Integer gaussianLatency,
                             java.lang.String workerType,
                             java.lang.Integer workerID)
    • Method Detail

      • executeQuery

        public void executeQuery​(java.lang.String query,
                                 java.lang.String queryID)
        Description copied from interface: Worker
        This method executes a query and adds the results to the Result Processor for proper result and metric calculations. Note: Some of the Worker implementations employ background threads to process the result of the query. Due to this, this method does not return anything and each implementation of this method must also add the results to Result Processor within this method. This can be done by calling AbstractWorker.addResults(QueryExecutionStats)
        query - The query which should be executed
        queryID - the ID of the query which should be executed