Welcome to the Iguana documentation!

This documentation will help you benchmark your HTTP endpoints (such as your Triple store) using Iguana and help you extend Iguana to your needs. It is split into three parts

  • General
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Usage
  • Development

In General you will find a bit of information of what Iguana is and what it's capable of.

In the Quick Start Guide you will find how to download and start Iguana as well how to quickly configure your first simple benchmark using Iguana.

In Usage you will find everything on how to execute a benchmark with Iguana and how to configure the benchmark to your needs. It further provides details on what tests Iguana is capable of. A Tutorial will finally guide you through all steps broadly which you can use as a quick start.

In Development you will find everything you need to know in case that Iguana isn't sufficient for your needs. It shows how to extend Iguana to use your metrics or your specific benchmark test

Have exciting Evaluations!