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Supported Languages

The Language tag is set to assure that the result size returned by the benchmarked system is correctly read and that result can give a little extra query statistics.

Currently two languages are implemented, however you can use lang.SPARQL or simply ignore it all the way. If they are not in SPARQL the query statistics will be just containing the query text and the result size will be read as if each returned line were one result.

Additionaly a SIMPLE language tag is added which parses nothing and sets the result size as the content length of the results.

If you work with results which have a content length >=2GB please use lang.SIMPLE, as lang.SPARQL and lang.RDF cannot work with results >=2GB at the moment.

The 3 languages are:

  • lang.SPARQL
  • lang.RDF
  • lang.SIMPLE